Special supplement to the Russian
magazine Falconry()

Alliance for Revival of Hunting's Art (ARHA)

is nonprofit organization, intended to revive Russian falconry as a part of the global cultural

heritage, based on common interests in the field of falconry and on the opinion that falconry

is supreme skill of non-shooting non-commercial hunting.


Russian Falconry Revival Program is a system of interrelated schemes, aiming to revive and

maintain the skill of hunting with falcons and hawks in Russia in the frame of global cultural


Goals and purposes:

1. To revive Russian falconry as a traditional skill and as a mean of self-improvement.

2. To make falconry popular and accessible.

3. To promote the preservation of wildlife and of falconry hunting grounds.

The following projects were designed to address these issues.

I.Alliance for Revival of Hunting's Art (ARHA)

Rus.: ( - SVOI)*

ARHA is nonprofit organization, intended to revive Russian falconry as a part of the global

cultural heritage, based on common interests in the field of falconry and on the opinion

that falconry is supreme skill of non-shooting non-commercial hunting.


*The abbreviation of the name of the organization in Russian is .

Russian word means one's (own) people. So, we emphasize that

this organization is the alliance of like-minded persons.

Goals and purposes:

Revival and encouragement of Russian falconry through consolidation of knowledge and skills

of experts in different fields.

Engagement of everyone, who wish to participate in finding solutions to ecological and

hunting problems.

Working-out and implementation of steps which can help to revive the number of wild raptors.

Formulation of falconry code of conduct and requirement of its observation.Advocacy of

falconers rights and interests.

Joining IAF.Carrying out the hunting days, field meetings, exhibitions and other events.

/Project was launched in summer 2008/

II. Internet-Center www.vse-svoi.org


To encourage communication, to provide information and to announce and arrange different

events.Internet center has a forum, a museum, a library, a school, geographical information

system to help planning of hunting expeditions and on-line store.

/Project was launched in summer 2008/


The first Russian cultural and educational quarterly falconry magazine.

Edition 1000 copies.

Size 76 pages.


Education and encouragement of wildlife and hunting enthusiasts.

Popularization of falconry as integrated part of national and global culture.Acculturation of

gun-hunters and hunting adversaries.

Promotion of positive public opinion toward the birds of prey, the falconers and the falconry.

SokolINAYA OHOTA (THE FALCONRY)focuses on mutual relationship between man and

wildlife. It advocates the opinion, that man has been a hunter over the course of history and

will remain a hunter till remains human. A hunter, the hounds, the hawks, the horses, the

hunting grounds and a game all are harmonious parts of nature.

/The magazine was launched in spring 2008/

IV. Falconry-Yard

Purposes: to provide a place for live communications between falconers, dog specialists and

horse-masters, and to build up a public relations center.

/Project deadline - autumn 2008/

V. Falconry School

Purposes: to enable everyone older than 12 to master theory and practice of falconry.

/The project is under realization/

VI. The Museum of Hunting'sArt

The Museum provides tools to get acquainted with and learn about the hunters of all times

and cultures, and virtually travel in time and space. There are collections of art objects,

ammunitions and cold steels. There are permanent and temporary expositions and offsite

shows in other Russian cities and other countries.

/The project is under realization/

VII. The Global Hunting Library

It is the collection of books and videos.


To provide access to the treasures of global hunting culture for everyone.

To translate foreign hunting literature into Russian.

To prepare scientific and publishing projects.

To prepare the material for Internet-Center, for the magazine SokolINAYA OHOTA (THE

FALCONRY) and for media.

/The project is under realization/


Konstantin I. Sokolov

President of Russian


The chiefof council of ARHA.

tel. +7 495 7421882


e-mail: vse-svoi.org@mail.ru



An experienced publisher said to us, that to launch a falconry magazine in Russia today

is madness! Firstly, it is difficult to write about things, which scarcely exist in Russia, and

secondly, who will read it? Gun hunters, who like the smell of powder and will not

exchange it for anything, or nouveaux riches, who tend to buy ready-made hunting?

Moreover, there are already good hunting magazines in Russia.

But we believe that though we are few, the magazine will help to increase our number.

The falconry is unique element of global culture and is imprinted deeply in Russian culture.

And we do not want the titles of shooting empire, with its infrastructure, gun manufacturing

and its approach to wild nature. It is time to produce our own independent magazine, to

advocate the benefits of falconry life style. So, SokolINAYA OHOTA (THE

FALCONRY)* was born, a magazine for everyone devoted to wild nature and falconry.

Our magazine focuses on the experience and believes of those, who prefer intricate path of

a falconer. Our mission is to help the beginners, to educate the general public and to

influence the officials aiming to restore the greatness of Russian falconry and to raise dignity

and responsibility of the falconers.

What is the mystery of falconry?

How to become a falconer?

SokolINAYA OHOTA will help to answer these and many other questions.

We hope that falconry, despite all problems, will progress forever - like a tree, which

deepens its roots into the earth and stretches its branches toward the sun. We are like

leaves of this tree; we nurture ourselves from its roots and face all whims of weather.

We have sheared goals and we are responsible for our future.

Have good falconry days!


* The name of our magazine isSokolINAYA OHOTA.

is Russianequivalent for the falconry.

Russian word means different.

So, we want to emphasize the unique nature of falconry,

which distinguishes it from all other means of game chasing.





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